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Asset Recovery and Reverse Logistics

ITAD & Product Lifecycle

IT Asset Disposition is an often overlooked and misinterpreted topic in the enterprise data center space. SANStorageDirect is an industry leader in the implementation of the full IT Product Lifecycle. SANStorageDirect converts your aging IT infrastructure from a burden to assets to help you realize the true value. Engaging SSD to assist with ITAD, you will lower TCO, increase the life of your systems, and create new revenue streams.

What to Expect

SSD's ITAD Capabilities

  • •Asset Recovery/Hardware Buybacks

    •     ◦SSD will offer a competitive buyback price for equipment you are decommissioning. Additionally, we can offer a consignment program to maximize the return on your assets.

  • •Data Erasure & Destruction

    •     ◦SSD provides data erasure on all levels from OS standard disk sanitization to D.O.D. level 7-pass data erasure. SSD also offers data destruction, degaussing, and shredding.

  • •Data Center Asset Decommissions

    •     ◦SSD has the ability to deploy engineers and technicians to decommission and deinstall your data center assets.

  • •Logistics Made Easy

    •     ◦SSD's experienced logistics team makes removal of your IT assets a breeze with full door to door services. Not only do we provide decommission and deinstallation services, we can also be onsite to package and ship your equipment to one of our warehouses for processing.

  • •Consignment Programs

    •     ◦Consignment sale of your IT assets is an effective method to maximize returns on your equipment. SSD works with many companies, including major manufacturers, to handle decommissioned hardware.